REVEALED: Shah Rukh Khan was TAKEN ABACK when he saw the trespassing duo in his make-up room; Mannat’s staff provided them first-aid for their injuries before handing them to the police

Last week, reports came in that two youths sneaked into Shah Rukh Khan’s iconic bungalow Mannat. They were later caught and handed over to the police. Now, reports have emerged that the teenagers had remained hidden in one of the rooms in the bungalow and had given Shah Rukh Khan the shock of his life.

As per a report in The Times Of India, the names of these trespassers are Pathan Sahil Salim Khan, aged 18, and Ram Khushuva, aged 19. While the former is a labourer, the latter is a vegetable seller. Both belong to Bharuch, Gujarat and they came to Mumbai on March 1 to see Shah Rukh Khan. On March 2, at 3:00 am, they reached Mannat and taking advantage of the scaffolding erected for repairs, they jumped inside the bungalow.

The report further states that they entered the make-up room and remained there till 10:30 am. This is when Shah Rukh Khan entered this room and saw the duo. As expected, the superstar was left shocked and he immediately called a staffperson from his housekeeping team. They were handed to the security team and later were taken away by the police.

The police kept them in their custody for a day and realized that they were no evidence of malicious intent. On Saturday, March 4, their parents arrived in Mumbai and secured their bail. A payment of Rs. 20,000 was done to release them from police custody. The parents claimed that they had no idea about the plans of the duo to come to Mumbai.

Meawhile, the report claimed that Pathan Sahil Salim Khan and Ram Khushuva suffered minor injuries on their nose while scaling the compound wall of Mannat. Shah Rukh Khan’s housekeeping staff provided them with first aid and only then they were handed over to the police.

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